Uniform & Etiquette

RSCC Etiquette

Please be prompt and warmed up for your class and please wait with your child if there under 12 years until the lesson begins. This also applies for picking up children from the lessons. If you are late we will keep your child with us until you have arrived.  Children not in class must be supervised at all times before and after their lessons and should wait quietly outside the dance studio at all times. We will not let any child leave the premises without their parent or carer being there to collect them. 


Correct Uniforms should be worn for each lesson with hair nearly tied back in a bun or pony tail. Please no jewellery, although stud earrings allowed. 

Junior Ballet : Pink Stockings, soft ballet shoes and ballet leotard with skirt if wanted. (cross overs allowed when chilli)

Senior Ballet: black leotard any style, pink tights, any ballet skirt and a half black tutu maybe required. Soft canvas shoes and pointe shoes. 

Junior and Senior Jazz,Acro,Stretch: leotards, tight/movable pants, tight tops or crop tops, jazz shoes black. 

Junior and Senior Tap: comfortable appropriate clothing and tap shoes

Men: Black T-Shirt or Leotard, with Black pants or black tights.